Get the heart healthy this month

How to have a healthy heart?

To live long and healthy you need a good heart… A healthy heart! The heart is the very engine of our body. It must, therefore, be taken care of to make it work at full capacity.

Unfortunately, the older we get, the more our hearts weaken, hence the importance of taking good care of them. 10-Trucs offers below tips and tricks for having a healthy heart.

  1. What to eat to have a healthy heart?

Want to take care of your heart? Well, there are several things that can be considered for good cardiovascular health. And one of them relates to food.

Some foods are therefore specifically good for heart health. Here are 10 foods for a healthy heart:

Oats are good for your heart:

If you like all foods with oats, such as oatmeal, this will be a good way to take care of your heart.

Oats contain soluble fiber that reduces bad cholesterol.

Omega-3 and salmon:

Eating omega-3s is a good way to nourish your heart to keep it healthy. Flaxseeds and cold-water fish contain a lot of them. So in fish, you can eat

  • salmon
  • trout
  • sardines

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain fiber and potassium. This potassium positively influences the effect of sodium on blood pressure and therefore very beneficial to the heart.

Here are some heart-healthy fruits and vegetables:

Tomatoes: Tomatoes contain antioxidants as well as vitamins. All good things to have a good heart.

Apples: Apples prevent blood clots! So to have arteries that aren't clogged, eat apples.

Onions: Onions lower blood cholesterol while allowing better blood circulation.

Eating yogurt

Yogurt has plant sterols that greatly reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. Up to 10% in some cases.

To enhance the effect on heart health add oatmeal or bran flakes to your yogurt.

Legumes are good for your health!

In recent years, pulses have been popular with healthy foods. Then you won't be surprised to learn that legumes are great for heart health.

So what are you waiting for to incorporate lentils or chickpeas into your diet?

Nuts for good blood vessels

Nuts are rich in fatty acids which can be beneficial to the health of your heart. Indeed, thanks to nuts your blood vessels will remain at their best as well as your cholesterol levels.

Here are some nuts to choose from for the health of your heart:

  • almonds
  • pecans
  • pistachios
  • Brazil nuts

Red wine and dark chocolate, a winning duo

Did you know that red wine can be a good ally for the heart? Indeed, red wine is a good natural cleanser for arteries! But be careful, don't overdo it.

Did you know that dark chocolate is also a good food? Dark chocolate is good for the heart because it will lower blood pressure slightly.

  1. What not to eat?

It is important to have a good overall diet to keep your heart healthy as mentioned above.

So it's important to avoid fatty foods, sugar, coffee and anything that's harmful to your health. Instead, eat balanced meals with foods from all four food groups.

Avoid processed foods

Processed foods often contain a lot of sodium as well as an artificial trans fat. It is best to eat fresh food that you will make at home.

Here are some foods to remove (as much as possible) from your diet:

  • sweets, pastries, and cookies
  • sodas
  • alcoholic beverages
  • foods high in sodium
  • deli meats
  • frying, etc.
  1. Sport and exercise to keep your heart healthy

How do you want to have a healthy heart if you don't move or very little?! So to have a healthy heart, it is important to do cardiovascular exercises.

Every day try to do 30 minutes of walking, running, swimming or anything like that. Your heart will be stronger and healthier!

If you work sitting all day it is important to take frequent breaks. So every 20 or 30 minutes get up and move.

  1. A healthy weight for a healthy heart

This is not about physical appearance, but about good health. To have a healthy heart, it is important to have a weight proportional to its size.

This is called the body mass index. People who are overweight are more fragile in terms of health and cardiovascular disease.

  1. Avoid stress

Stress is really very bad for people's health and well-being! It is even thought that stress could increase blood cholesterol levels or even blood pressure.

To keep your heart healthy for a long time, avoiding stress is, therefore, an excellent solution. Take the time to relax, to get away from everything.

Here are some tips to do against stress:

  • Take deep breaths
  • Taking steps
  • Doing yoga
  • Doing meditation
  • Take a warm and relaxing bath.

In fact, any exercise and trick to relax as often as possible.

  1. Stop smoking cigarettes!

Cigarettes are really very bad for people's health. Indeed, smoking cigarettes causes serious health problems among smokers. Cigarettes are not good for health in general, for the lungs, but also for the heart.

So to have a strong heart and this, for a very long time, it is very important to quit smoking. Tobacco, nicotine and everything in cigarettes are not good for your cardiovascular health.

  1. An annual health check-up at your doctor's office

It is important to have a check-up at least once a year depending on your age and medical history.

It is through this health check that you will know what is wrong and you will be able to make changes to your lifestyle before it is too late.


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